Pizza and Cake

I was at my favorite cafe. I normally head over once a week or so. I would probably be there everyday if not for my horrible schedules. I was at the cafe quite early today. They just opened for the day a while back. Soon enough, people started coming. The whiffs of cigarette smoke coupled with the aromas of fresh pizzas and other interesting things were the highlights of things. Like always, I was there all by myself. Along with the gripping and rustic aromas that made up the atmosphere, there were oodles of cheers and happy expressions from the folk who were now quite at home in the cafe. It was quite hard to figure out if I was a part of the crowd in spirit or at least I yearned to be.

I gave my order and waiting for my food made no sense simply because the cafe normally takes a ton of time to serve. I was in no hurry. I loved every bit of this. I was there all by myself; the only table that had one person. Was it sinful narcissistic bliss or just being lost amidst the vagueness and absurdity that I was offered by what I saw? I quite did not know. The cafe was my place to unwind. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the occasional cigarette smoke but I managed. My order was served surprisingly soon. A pizza and a slice of cake. Much like many of the nice things that come to us, the pizza and cake were over quite soon. I felt this odd satisfaction after my meal. I remember not being hungry when I got to the cafe. Oh well, my day was made. I really enjoyed this. I’d have loved to share this.

Pizzas and cakes are fine experiences by themselves and make things so much better in any setting. On the down side, it was kind of a let down to be alone by these fine creations. As much as I find so much bliss by myself, there was always this empty space that needed to be filled. The pizzas and cakes did not seem to make a difference there. Perhaps, I’ll keep heading to the cafe until there is a difference. Maybe I’ll add waiting to that little agenda of mine.
I’ll be waiting, don’t take too long…



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