Winter Evenings

There was this cafe we would head to. In our small world, that was our getaway. A tiny vacation of sorts. My everyday routine was more or less bland with an exception for that one odd hour we’d spend together. I wouldn’t stay back a minute longer from wherever I was, I had to be at the cafe by 4 pm sharp. I did not want to keep her waiting. She would show up a few minutes later, maybe even 10 minutes later. It did not matter. The cafe life started just before winter. I love winters and all of this made my favorite time of the year only more enjoyable.

Sometimes I had to hold up for a minute to figure out why I am doing whatever I am doing. I thought I’d leave the introspection and answers to the better judgement of time. Minutes passed, days and seasons too. I was loving every moment of this. With changing times came other commitments. Sometimes the evenings never happened. It was okay, I thought. We were fine still. These times were like that warm and comfy spot on your bed on freezing nights. While rest of everything could be damned, that comforting spot is your everything. I loved every moment.

Nobody told me that the warm and comfortable spot vanishes. You wake up to that horrible realization while the nights continue to freeze. Nobody told me that I’d roll into other warm spots and roll out of them. Nobody told me that I’d never find that same comfort again. I had to discover that this would never be the same again.

I miss every moment.


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