About That Evening

I ordered for a cup of coffee. It was yet another typical day and I was yearning for something  that would make the day a little different. It was one of those days that you did not want to end on a bland note. Of course, I was beginning to enjoy the evening. It was a pretty harsh week with terrible and tight schedules and I needed a break. This makes me eternally thankful to these little sessions I have on Friday evenings with a cup of coffee by my side. Every sip is fresh as ever. The things that give life an incentive worthwhile are sometimes bitter. Perhaps I am a little too desperate in wishing people could be little akin to coffee this way.
Mellow music began to make rounds in the air. I figured it was time to order another coffee and I did. I began to ease into the smaller and coarse rudiments of life that necessitated my oneness with much of life’s absurdity. Maybe this was an open invitation and I did not mind for once. The music got better as my second cup of coffee made its way to my table. A shot of caffeine opened a wider window to enjoy all the groove the music had to offer and to take in what the moment had to offer. I couldn’t say no to this. I let it all ease in with a smile.
I paid for my orders and I got up to leave and I saw elegance and bliss enter the premises. A person of absurdity with a difference, I might speculate.
Perhaps another coffee wasn’t a bad idea.
About that evening…


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