Untitled Musings

The interesting thing about any happening is that it is temporary. These happenings turn out to be metaphors of ourselves in the bigger scheme of things. In regard to these little happenings around us, it worth a celebration knowing that all of this is temporary. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Everything passes. I would not say that things happen for a reason. Maybe there is no reason at all. Things just happen and given the state of things at a point in time, equilibrium exists. It always does and the notion of a balance changes depending on what constitutes your reality at that time. That being said, I’m glad nothing is permanent. There’s a lot more to look out for.
You could find some sort of happiness sometime or experience something else or you could be sad. You might have to deal with the worst situations sometimes and make painful choices or worse, you might have to deal with all of this alone knowing that you can’t. Its okay. Everything passes. Choices never really seem like adding some sort of incentive but they are tools of subtraction in already tight times. And you can’t go back.
In the midst of all of these ever-changing scenarios, perhaps nobody should bear them alone. While company could turn out annoying, one might never know. There’s always the fear of becoming something else that someone expects you to be. Maybe so, but it isn’t so bad. We become an embodiment of multiple scenarios in the long run and perhaps companionship too could be a scenario. Well, at least you might find a lot more to like than you could have anticipated in this case. Even better, you might find a lot more of yourself over here than be lost all by yourself in whatever little you might know of yourself.


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