Too short, too fast and often too crude. In the midst of all that is so distasteful, you’re here. A moment that invites all your time. The most happening thing in town all while being so amicable in another world a little different from ours. There’s a lot here and there’s so much to miss out on. Maybe all of this is just something time has to offer in the routine of the universe. Time makes it temporary. A breeze. A decayed note that slowly fades away till the point where it just plays in your head. As it gets further and further away and tucked away in a distant corner in my head, memories play in VHS. Retro, reminiscent, warm, a little blurry and a little cracked but its okay. It is all a part of the deal.

I don’t necessarily want to play the old VHS but then nothing beats a classic. A lot like a fine experience, I might find something so meaningful a lot less meaningful if I try to replay the whole thing often. The more you replay the whole thing the more it distorts, giving your favorite parts a life of their own. You clutch these tapes closer than ever before. You were the classic, but like many other films, you wished for a slight change in the story perhaps. You know exactly what the characters are up to. A lot times you might sigh ‘if only’. Only this time its your story. You missed out on your own damn story. Maybe missing out is the plot.

There’s more to this. There’s more to all of this. Our losses can get as real as it can and as terrifying as it wishes. We are our own loss. We can’t stop it, we can slow down instead. It is going to make us feel a lot more miserable. But that is perfectly okay. You’re probably going to sigh ‘if only’ a little more now. It is perfectly okay. It is innocent. We’re in vain after all. It comes as a cold feeling that we ought to do something since things have slowed down a bit. I’ll be here a little longer now. I want to be here a little longer.There’s a little more time to think. There’s another chance at making a classic. We could just be now.

In the end, even this will end up like a classic that I don’t play too often, for I fear ruining the wonderful essence I remember it for. I fear becoming numb to the warmth, comforting and wonderful feelings that it tried to sooth me with.

In the end, this is all we will ever have.


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