There’s this fancy little feeling you get as the day starts and the sun shines. It could be anything It is personal. Sometimes hopeful and sometimes hopeless. There’s always a bit of both time and again.

I wake up in hope for something interesting, maybe a lovely smile from someone, a chuckle, the weather, cold showers and a generous serving of Espresso. These things make everything quite a celebration. They make me forget. And to forget is among the finest experiences we could ever cherish. There could be this tight and gripping moment and then in a second you momentarily forget everything. A few seconds of tranquil changes a lot. I never knew a walk by could be so special.

There are a lot of fascinating things in this place right now. It is such a spectacle to see another place, or another world in another person. There’s a lot that one may dislike in this world. It is incredibly special to see all the little that you adore in this world in another person. Maybe that’s why someone means the world to you. I’d love a bit of this world or better, I’d love to be that little bit without which everything would be so much different and maybe less interesting.

Maybe sometime or maybe not.


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