It had to happen. It’s an odd feeling to feel a shiver when you love the cold. It’s an odd feeling to forget when you normally wouldn’t. It’s an odd feeling to feel a pause when everything around you is a hurry. It’s feels odd to stutter into silence when you have an entire universe to talk about.

You’re probably having a pretty interesting trip on reality when your dreams give you a headache and you skip a beat or two because of that.

That aside, it’s a pretty nice evening right now. From conversations to vapors to aromas, everything rustic fills the air. It’s feels great. It does help with the shivers, stuttering and the momentary forgetfulness. It does get a little hazy at times but everything that invites the company of  a shiver and co. is pretty much intensified now.

You can’t stop thinking about the intensified any more. It’s just one of those times you just cant. I tried. I really did. Over and over again. But it takes me back. All over again. It’s like going home. You might be made to shift or not, but for now this is is home. It’s where your heart is after all, right?

I love this. It reminds me that I am alive and not simply ‘here’. I guess we all could do with a little bit of ‘it’s that time’ kind of feeling. It’ll keep us going. It makes me want to go and just be. The joys of life being temporary is realized. It takes something temporary to realize the joys of a temporary life. I guess everything we want and everyone we will ever be and be with is reflective of what life is really at large: temporary.

It’s one of those times.

One of those.



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