For the longest time I used to think that there’s so much to tell with so little time. I guess that isn’t the case anymore.

There actually isn’t much to say. Instead there’s a lot to be meaningful about. It’s easy to say a lot of things and at the same time it is quite easy to be hollow and bland.

Say less but mean the universe. Anything else is either empty or an extension of the same. I get the idea but do you mean it?

To express meaning, I might guess, it takes an innate conviction to your words. The picture, the idea, your world and the person is right there. Why are there so many words? Where are the words?

The space in us craves to filled with depth, conviction and meaning. It’s right there or it’s on the way or you are somebody’s depth and meaning. How hard is it to express meaning if you’re true to yourself? It is what it is and will be whatever it was.

It doesn’t take much to express what you are true to. Maybe we have the time and not the depth.



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